Sunday, 26 August 2007


1. Guess Who's Gonna Get Some Tonight
2. Down At The R
3. It Will Not Happen Here
4. It Might Aswell Be Now
5. Any Other Heart
6. Just Another Summer
7. It Is Time For Falling Apart
8. Will There Be Music?
9. No Damn, I Don't Love You
10. I Know It Ain't Right

"Musically, the influence of Anders’ recent favourites like Westcoast rock legends Jackson Browne and Randy Newman can be felt throughout the ten new songs on “Mount Pleasure”, which Moneybrother himself calls a “proper rock’n’roll album”. “On the last album there was one theme: it was about love and loss. It was a very dark and slow album, this time it’s more influenced by a period in my live that was filled with partying and hanging out with friends”, he explains." Burning Heart Records

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