Tuesday, 9 October 2007


(Marriage, 2007)

01 so post all 'em
02 see a penny (pick it up)
03 we're always waiting
04 platinum (featuring bobby birdman)
05 it's all the same price (featuring eats tapes)
06 the magic beat
07 drawing in the dark
08 it's coming to get you
09 if music could cure all that ails you
10 i believe in you
11 your magic is real
12 women of the world

"Bechtolt (who records as all-caps YACHT when he's not half of the Blow) isn't totally unfamiliar with the concept of injecting some computer embellishment into indie-ish songwriting, having performed similar duties as IT Guy for the Blow. But I Believe in You is another step beyond merely adding programming to Khaela Maricich's relatively straightforward tunes, occupying the same beat-prankster territory as Tundra while not drifting too far into the abrasiveness of breakcore. "We're Always Waiting" is a prime example, first toying with an 8-bit version of the "Time Is Tight" vamp, pausing mid-song for a tongue-in-cheek materialist cheerleader chant, and climaxing with a proggy astral synth being henpecked by ringtones and presets. "It's Coming to Get You" runs a similar path with a primal-punk drum foundation and cutesy woah-oh-oh backing vocals, while "See a Penny (Pick It Up)" puts Jamie Lidell-style falsetto faux-soul singing and a chugging guitar riff against a musical backdrop that changes every 30 seconds, finally exploding in a skittering-beat orgy."

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