Monday, 8 October 2007


(P.W. Elverum & Sun Ltd., 2007)

01 Welcome
02 Just Ice
03 Rich (Homeless)
04 Don't Be Afraid
05 Marriage
06 Born 2 B Wild
07 Nowhere
08 Years (Seasons)
09 Home Alone
10 Home Alone 2
11 Years (Seasons) 2
12 No One's Dancing
13 Judges
14 Weeping
15 Waterfalls
16 Auntarctica

"“ELV011” – “Welcome Nowhere” by Thanksgiving – double LP+CD
A fancy reissued version of our “ELV000”, this time with a whole extra record of lost songs from the sessions. This is one of 3 records that was recorded in a hexagonal hut on top of a high remote hill above a lake with eagles and military jets, looking out over islands. The beginning of our moving studio called “Nowhere”. (The other was “Whysp” by Whysp). “Welcome Nowhere” is a CLASSIC ALBUM, straight up. This new version is totally remastered and sounds 1,000,000 times better. Glossy full color gatefold jacket, tie-dyed colored vinyl, CD, excellent songs."

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