Thursday, 18 October 2007


(Load, 2007)

01 blassstphlegmeice
02 dieabesstitty
03 caged mearachells
04 catasstasteatrophy
05 foetal castro
06 wrawblow
07 violence of the lamb
08 porn again
09 hole (sweet) hole
10 mousestassh ride
11 turban sprawl
12 rattarddead
13 sewercide

"Musically, there is no good reason why this terrifying trio should be held in any less regard than Air Conditioning, Sightings, Gang Wizard, or even Lightning Bolt. Their cacophonous combination of screeching oscillations, sickening, bowel spilling bass, and bludgeoning double kick drumming has never sounded better than it does on BLasssTPhlEgMEICE. For forty minutes straight the White Mice set your balls on fire and watch as your writhe in pain while they laugh and perform unnecessary surgery on the rest of your body: switching from grinding torture-porn doom grooves to mid-tempo black metal blender noise. The production of this record is a definite improvement over ASSPhiXXXEATATESHUN, a subtle shift I took notice of just before it violently grabbed me by the throat. Their sound is fuller, more pronounced, and every sound shines with an alarming clarity: the blinding flash of a knife's blade before it fatally plunges into your fat belly."

Yeah, I know they've got a new one out on Blossoming Noise soon (Excreamantraintraveinanus),
and I'll post that as soon as I find it.



'@postraphe said...

yeah that was he one i was wanting. i have assphixxeatshunnn. i didnt even know about a blossoming noise one! excellent blog. nice to see load records getting an airing!

nice one pip, totally appreciative....

paul b

bobbysu said...

thank you very much