Saturday, 6 October 2007


(Castle/Sanctuary, 2003)

01 - Roadrunner
02 - Astral Plane
03 - Old World
04 - Pablo Picasso
05 - She Cracked
06 - Hospital
07 - Someone I Care About
08 - Girlfriend
09 - Modern World
10 - Dignified & Old
11 - I'm Straight
12 - Government Center
13 - I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
14 - Dance With Me
15 - Someone I Care About [alternative version]
16 - Modern World [alternative version]
17 - Roadrunner [alternative version]

"This re-release on Sanctuary Records (UK) represents a near-complete collection of the original Modern Lovers studio recording efforts. Its a shame that this band did not get an album completed in 1971/72 and get the fame that they deserved when they were still together. If you already have an earlier release of this record and are wondering whether to buy this one as well, here are some details to help with your decision. The first 9 tracks were released on vinyl in 1976, and were mostly from the 1971-72 recording sessions produced by John Cale. Tracks 10-12 were included on the Rhino CD release of the record in the 1980s, and are from the 73-74 session with Kim Foley producing. Tracks 13-14 were previously released on the Original Modern Lovers CD, and represent the best of the rest of the Foley sessions. Of the final tracks - and the only ones not previously released - on this re-issue, Someone I Care About and Roadruner are from the bands earliest demos, from early 1971 (Hospital, track 5 on the original record, also came from this session). These demos are a little rough, and lack some of the fire of the later recording sessions with Mr. Cale, but this earliest and longest Roadrunner still sounds great. Modern World is an early version from the 1972 John Cale sessions. Its interesting and edgy, but the 73 version clearly shows improvement."

Then, read the 96% review at Cokemachineglow.

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