Sunday, 7 October 2007


(Azul Discografica, 2007)

01. Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts
02. Guns and Butter
03. Revolutionary Bummer Weed and the Syncretic Narcotraffickers
04. Rambo's Passeggiata
05. A Petroglyphic Massacre
06. Lunch Break at Naan
07. New Burnt Century
08. The Spectre of Water Wars

"Talibam! dance back and forth across the line of party starting and room clearing, and do so with all available middle fingers held mightily aloft. As New York City’s soon-to-be-iconic purveyors of “shitstorm skronk,” Talibam!’s totally irreverent destructo-jazz/improv was first heard on a series of mythically regarded CD-Rs, and through the group’s near ceaseless touring activities. This is the band’s first proper release, and in lieu of bearing the expected influence of Sun Ra’s Arkestra or mid-'70s Captain Beefheart, Ordination... is a brain-rattling demolition of the entire avant lesson plan, as those with a more academic criteria might be inclined to teach it.

The lead-off title track is the living embodiment of a strong come-on, and blares forth with the same kind of attention-grabbing impudence as Minor Threat’s “Filler.” The next 20 minutes of ass-over-backwards musical turmoil further cements the brutality with more, dare I say, nuance, including some stylishly incorporated African polyrhythms, and ear-buzzing electronics.

The ringing harmonics of “Lunch Break at Naan” definitely serves as the album’s milemarker, however, and said track proceeds to a level of dementia which curiously summons a listener’s desire (well, my desire) to belt out Hasil Adkins-worthy screams during the breakdown.

Not too many bands with Talibam!’s kind of credentials inspire moments of such expository appreciation, but I count it as just another reason to thank whichever god you tremble in the face of for these mightiest of messengers. My early bid for art-damaged dance record of the year."

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