Saturday, 13 October 2007


01 Ride
02 Warping Of The Clock
03 Freefall
04 Can’t Be Serious
05 Our Eyes
06 Innocent Line
07 Innocent Reprise
08 Your Love Over Gold
09 People Without Love
10 Arc Of Abraham
11 Here Goes Nothing
12 Brown Piano

"A Mountain Of One's Collected Works is not a greatest hits compilation but rather the debut album release, made up of two EPs and one new track, from a London-based collective consisting of three core members. It is unlike any other album you'll hear this year.

If your notion of prog begins and ends with Yes, prepare for a treat. The missing link between Ozric Tentacles' Erpland and Pink Floyd's Meddle sat under a palm tree on a Balearic beach, AMO1's tropical progtronica stands out as music that references the familiar - Fleetwood Mac, most notably - while striking out on its own unique and utterly splendid path, guided by producers Mo Morris and Leo Elstob.

Opener Ride is one of several tracks that clock in at an unhurried six minutes plus, with arabesque acoustic guitar rounds in places reminiscent of the fretwork of Ozrics' resident genius Ed Wynne. A compulsive, repetitive bassline, spacial melodies and characteristic big electric guitar sounds set the scene for what follows."

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