Sunday, 7 October 2007


(The Blue House, 2007)

Me Loves You
Backseat, Man
You Don't Have to Prove
Blowin' Off the Sun
The Year of Having Fun
Gold Medal
Every Little Van
My Friend, The Writer
Top Secret Secret Project
Your Life in Song (Statistically Speaking)
Action Figure
Hello, Americans
The First of May
Manufacturing Empathy
Thank You (For Making Me Slow Dance)

"Whether they're about love or song-writing or dancing, he injects his catchy pop songs with a sense of understanding – for human failings, for hardships, and most of all for the importance of individual quirks, personalities, and stories. The songs here feel casually but also lovingly written and recorded; they're simple and sparse, yet you're always aware of how much he enjoys writing songs and sharing them with people. Perhaps most importantly, though, Clary's sense for what makes a great pop tune is impeccable."

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