Thursday, 26 July 2007


1. mansard roof
2. oxford comma
3. a-punk
4. cape cod kwassa kwassa
5. boston
6. campus
7. one
8. bryn
9. walcott
10. the kids don't stand a chance

"The demo's sound quality matches the title's DIY promise, but these are indie-pop gems of a different cut, pulling on the world music bend of Paul Simon's Graceland and late Talking Heads, wrapped in literary barbs and ample alliteration ("all your diction dripping with disdain," for one)." Stereogum

"To a grump like me, these guys sure had a lot of strikes against them. But damned if they didn't hook me. And I've tried to put my finger on exactly why, and I can only come to one conclusion: it's because they really are good. Really." Catbirdseat

Find out for yourselves: Download

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zombiedamon said...

Please, can you re upload it ? Love this band