Monday, 16 July 2007


This fantastic 6-track EP was the first release on 75orless Records.

It came in a limited edition of 750 hand-assembled, hand-numbered CD's in matchbook style jacket in raised pressed sleeve. (It is fabulous!)

Frontman and guitarist Austin Brown is easy to credit as lyricist and vocalist. His voice is unique, with the ability to switch from the sing-along pop chorus ("Wet Book of Matches") to melancholy syncopated verses ("Disastrous Leanings"). Drummer Joe Klug is steady, providing mostly spare accompaniment with a tasteful flash here and there. Klug is confident enough to know when to settle back into the mix and when to push and create tension and pulse. His partnership and ability to mesh with bassist Curley is integral to the band's success. Curley's playing on Pixelated Ones and Zeros is in an entirely different style and presentation than his work with the Afghan Whigs. The ascending runs in "Lookout Cartographer Autobiographer" create a counter-melody that propels and perfectly complicates the song. Throughout, Curley's interplay with Klug creates a special dynamic that accentuates the abilities of all three players.



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