Thursday, 26 July 2007


1. Plates & Saucers
2. Sent (Awake The Kracken)
3. Blankets
4. Books

"The follow-up to the critically heralded full-length "The Pink Ghosts". Intricate acoustic arrangements and euphoric melodies document the Acorn's transformation from one-person bedroom IDM to full-band concern. A post card for lost souls in lost cities." Kelp Records

"Blankets! may only be four songs, but there's easily enough music here for an album's worth of ideas and, fundamentally, each song is pop gold. Whether viewed as a stop-gap or a first step, this EP may help to explain why The Acorn is gradually being recognized as Ottawa's leading musical export (sorry, Furnaceface) and are regularly featured and reviewed in Canada's nationwide Exclaim! magazine. Unlike the Midwestern singer who heads for New York with guitar slung over shoulder (or whatever), so long as The Acorn keep hating them suburbs and backhandedly congratulating their fans for showing up to their shows on a Wednesday night, it seems that there will be a large and growing number of people - especially in Ottawa - who will continue to buy into the idea that there's always something bigger, and keep listening. "

(from Cokemachineglow review)

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