Wednesday, 18 July 2007


01. I Will Die With My Head in Flames
02. Stained-glass Windows in the Sky
03. I Didn't Mean to Hurt You
04. Space Blues
05. Autumn
06. Be Still
07. There's No Such Thing as Victory
08. Magellan
09. The Final Resting of the Ark
10. Sandman's on the Rise Again
11. Don't Die on My Doorstep
12. A Wave Crashed on Rocks
13. Book of Swords
14. Declaration
15. Gather Up Your Wings and Fly
16. The Darkest Ending
17. Bitter End
18. Rain of Crystal Spires
19. Voyage to Illumination
20. Ballad of the Band

This posthumous compilation was released by Creation Records in 1990 and is now out of print.
Felt are often cited as a major influence by Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch - if that's not a good pointer I don't know what is. The band released ten albums and ten singles in ten years and then disbanded - such perfect symmetry.

Download Bubblegum Perfume

As a little bonus, I have also uploaded a four-track radio session they recorded for Andy Kershaw (UK BBC Radio 1) in 1986:

1. When The Dawn Starts Creeping In
2. Sapphire Mansions
3. Rain Of Crystal Spires
4. All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead

Download Radio Session