Monday, 16 July 2007


Proton Proton are definitely dancey, but they're more punk rock than anything. They name-check Shellac, MC5, Deerhoof and XTC and while you can hear the influences, you won't be rolling your eyes, because Proton Proton refuse to be obvious.

These two excellent self-released EPs are now sold-out, so I don't feel bad about publishing the links and spreading the word about this amazing band.

75orless says about EP #2:

"The 'gass' drives the rhythm, a homemade instrument that combines the sounds of a guitar and a bass, in this case resulting in the throbbing bass lines and guitar licks of the Jesus Lizard into one driving rhythm source. This Brooklyn-based trio also tosses in some Mission of Burma-like arpeggio guitar tones to mix up the heaviness and the quirkiness of more recent bands such as Bloc Party over pounding stop and go, more loud than fast drums, slight hand claps, with vocals reminiscent of John Lydon."

Download EP #1

Download EP #2


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Tim said...


I saw these guys open for Deerhoof, and I've been looking for these EPs ever since.

Thanks so much!